American Red Cross Recognition

Youth Award

CHANH-PHAP Buddhist Youth Association


When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake brought devastation across much of Nepal, the CHANH-PHAP Buddhist Youth group showed their compassion and support by hosting a donation drive which raised $3,000 for Nepal Aid.

Compassion for others is a key virtue for the GDPTVN Youth Member. The Vietnamese Youth Association which meets weekly in Garden Grove, CA strives to live by the Buddhist ethics through study and by example.

Conducting charity acts is part of Buddha’s teaching and the youth are encouraged to volunteer and help others in their community.

In addition to the donation drive that was done in the Spring of 2015, the Youth Association recently volunteered their time at the Orange County Food Drive which provides necessary food to the community.

The GDPTVN organization which CHANH-PHAP is belong to has existed for over 60 years and has associations in numerous Vietnamese communities through the world. The Orange County community is fortunate to have these committed youth contributing their compassion, wisdom and bravery to make the world they live in a better place.

Nominated by American Red Cross Orange County